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How to check the cause of toilet sewer odor.

1. Check the floor drain and ensure the sealing of the installation. If the seal is not good, it can be filled with groove sealant.
2. Check the water outlet of the wash basin. That place is generally sealed with glass glue to check whether the seal is complete, and see whether the water outlet of the wash basin is treated
3. All places connected to the sewer must have odor-proof S-bends. Today's floor drain has a deodorant S-bend inside it that you can't see. There must be an S bend under the sink that you can see. If there is no S bend, there must be a foul smell.
How do you get rid of the stink from your toilet drain? When the odor of toilet sewer is solved, it can also find out the reason of the odor of toilet sewer, first targeted to solve it, thoroughly avoid the odor of toilet floating to sewer in the future. If the floor of the home is relatively low, in the decoration of the need to take into account the sewer will have anti odor problem, in the decoration of the time to do the corresponding countermeasures, will not encounter anti odor problem in the future life.