How to Choose a water pipe?

1. When purchasing water pipes, we should pay attention to whether the inner diameter of the pipe is uniform, and whether the diameter thickness affects the docking of the two interfaces.
2, to smell a smell of the water pipe has no odor, because the pipe doped with recycled toxic plastic, smell will have a peculiar smell.
3, look at the color, luster, thickness of the water pipe, see whether there is pressure, temperature, specifications, trademarks and other signs outside the water pipe.
4. When purchasing, you should go to the agent or manufacturer with the authorized dealer of pipes and fittings to see whether the pipes and fittings are produced by the same manufacturer. Ask the seller for a product service card.
5. The cold water pipe can not be used as a hot water pipe. The difference between the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe is that there is a red line on the hot water pipe.
6, the purchase of water pipe should pay attention to the diameter and wall thickness, usually the main pipe application for 6 pipe, pipe can be selected as 4 cm.
7. The standard length of PPR pipe is 4 meters long each. When you buy it, you should ask whether it is the price of one or one meter. After the pipe is delivered, the length of the pipe should be checked to see if it is qualified.
8, the architectural decoration association of China has strict regulations on tubing, newly installed water supply pipeline must be according to the relevant regulations of pressure experiment.
9. The test pressure of metal and its composite pipe is 0.6MPa and stable for 6 minutes. The pressure drop in the tube is not greater than 0.02MPa without leakage. The test pressure of the plastic tube is 0.8MPa and stable for 20 minutes. Tube pressure drop should not be greater than 0.05MPa, no leakage.