Subassembly SERIES

With excellent quality beyond expectations, more than a little accessories

XRP 009Q

Copper strip cleaning port P-bend

XRP 019

Copper P-bend

XTP 010

Stainless steel 1 1/2 P-bend

XTP 020

Copper 1 1/2 P-bend

XTP 016D

Stainless Steel Urinal Copper Head P-Bend

XTP 009

Stainless steel P-bend

XTP 009Q

Stainless steel with clean opening P-bend

XTP 019

Stainless steel P-bend

XLS 019

Plastic S-bends

XLS 020

Plastic S-bends

XRS 020

Copper S-bend

XRS 008Q

Copper strip cleaning port S-bend

XRS 015

Copper Urinal Head S-Bend